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James Nottingham has been described as one of the best professional speakers in the world of education. He has engaged audiences from every phase of education: pre-school, primary, secondary, FE (16+) and university. He inspires teachers, leaders and support staff to reflect and take action.

James is as comfortable presenting to thousands of delegates as he is to working with small groups of students.

His most popular presentations include:

  • Keynote speeches (45 mins to 3 hours)
  • Seminars (2 to 6 hours)
  • Workshops (half or full day)
  • Parent information evenings (45 mins to 2 hours)
  • Demonstration lessons (staff observe James working with a group of students)

His company Challenging Learning also offers:

  • Long-term development projects
  • Study Tours
  • Online coaching, support and materials

To find out more about what James and his colleagues can offer your particular phase of education, please select from the following 4 options:

Contact James

If you are looking for a powerful keynote speaker, conference host or seminar leader then contact James via his PA to begin planning a professional, entertaining and memorable event.

Helen has been PA to James Nottingham since 2003. She works Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm (UK time) She can help you with all enquiries.

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